This is St. Eloise…Elegant, Sultry, Evocative, Spunky. As lead vocalist, keyboardist and songwriter, St. Eloise finds her groove mainly within a unique mix of pop and jazz, a sound she is becoming known for.

Based out of New York City, St. Eloise has been steadily gaining recognition as a popular entertainer. A classically trained pianist, she incorporates elements of latin and soul into her songs, with a touch of electronic energy. Her liveliness and authenticity on stage draws the crowd into a memorable experience.

Artists that St. Eloise has been compared to are Diana Krall, Sara Bareilles, and Ingrid Michaelson, among others. She has released a self-titled EP, a 9 song album titled “Showdown”, and continues to write new material for what she expects will be the cohesive sound she has been searching for.

St. Eloise is the new artist to watch – expect big things from this very talented and matchless artiste!