When I come back I’ll use your thumbtacks to stick in your spacemaps; I’ll show you the places I have seen.
— St. Eloise

St. Eloise was born in Lancaster, PA, with an immediate need to entertain. Wailing on guitar, striking dance poses, cartwheeling and flipping through grocery aisles, she simply wanted to make others smile through her own fun energy. 

Today that energy commandeers the stage with a charming (although cartwheel-less) and sensual alto voice over her original jazz-pop tunes. She is most often compared to Diana Krall, Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, and Norah Jones. 

At the age of 17, St. Eloise recognized her ability to write strong lyrics when she came across a poem she'd written at age 12. She sat down and put some music to the words. This resulted in her moving, and unrecorded, "Stay with Me". From that point on, she continued writing songs, most of the time receiving music and lyrics simultaneously. 



St. Eloise acquired her B.A. in Music Business and Technology from Millersville University of Pennsylvania, but contends that her real learning was always outside of the classroom. Her final year of school saw the beginning on what is now her self-titled project, "St. Eloise. "

Finding herself passionate about fighting human trafficking, St. Eloise has traveled internationally to teach music to women who have come out of the sex industry. She believes completely in music as a holistic tool for healing, often overlooked in standard counseling and healing centers. She hopes to continue to be able to give this gift both locally and abroad.

St. Eloise now resides in New York City, performing in bars, clubs, rooftop venues, house shows, etc. Join her as she puts smiles on everyone's faces, bringing laughter, healing, love and life wherever she goes.