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Showdown (2016)

Showdown is a dynamic, fun, evocative album from start to finish. Ranging from pop to latin, solo piano to full orchestration, you will experience a vivacious collaboration of piano, bass, strings, horns, and even some accordion.

Each tune is written with a strong message of overcoming the odds, freedom, and hope. As her music career has progressed, St. Eloise has had profound positive feedback from her audience, who will tell her which song brought them joy, made them tap their feet, or brought them to tears. St. Eloise says, "I can't write from anything other than my own experience. I write these songs for myself, and hope that they land on a stranger's heart with an equally powerful way."

Track 1, "On Top of the World", is a moment she believes is shared with most people. "You have a vision of something great you want to do, and along comes someone who says, 'Great, good luck with that.' It doesn't take much to make you think, 'Don't tell me I'm not making it!' It's one of the best motivators, someone's 'encouragement' basically telling you you'll fail."

The title track, "Showdown", is an ask for something greater than what she experienced before. "It's inspired by a sour ending to a relationship I was in, but I think it applies to many situations that are asking for a second chance -- family, government, friendships -- sometimes you just have to know your boundaries and let them know, 'I don't want a showdown, but I need a show-off, more than what I knew of previously.' We deserve better than before, and sometimes that is not a second chance."

"Rise with a Kiss" is a gorgeous track featuring a small choir and a string section (if you call a cello and violin layered many times a section). Written for her grandmother a few months before she passed away, St. Eloise envisions the desire to pass from this life to whatever is next. "There is a place where I belong, it's beyond time and without words..."

Check out the album for yourself to find your own showdown. 


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Spacemap Sessions (2017)

The latest from St. Eloise available currently only on streaming services, this EP takes an exploratory dip into subtle synth arrangements, but still keeping home base simple and lovely piano and vocals.